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Mums the Word

After having to cancel their original date at the last minute, Steven Scobbie and Joanne Thomson got a much smaller celebration than they originally planned. Joanne talked to us about their scaled back wedding day with only their mums (and dog) as guests

Our wedding was planned for 21 March 2020 but had to cancel it the day before due to lockdown and a family bereavement.

We rescheduled for February 6 2021 and wanted to keep everything the same including Norwood Hall as our venue. Originally, we hoped to have 80 wedding guests plus more for the reception but on the day we were only allowed five people. We knew we would be restricted on numbers but we didn’t realise quite how much!

A lot of our family wanted us to postpone again until next year but it felt like so long since we got engaged and we couldn’t wait any longer!

The night before our wedding my bridesmaids organised a surprise virtual hen party. They sent my mum round with a basket of treats and we had some prosecco and played games. It was a really fun evening!

On our big day we had five people there in total. The two of us, the registrar, and both of our mums who were our witnesses. Our little dog Luna came along too.

Despite everything we wanted a traditional wedding so we got ready separately and met at the venue. I still got butterflies before the wedding despite the severely reduced guest list. I was so nervous saying my vows in front of my partner I can’t imagine having to say them in front of all our friends and family!

When we got back to the house where people were on the street with confetti congratulating us. Due to the lockdown, there were no restaurants open so our friend prepared and delivered a four course meal. We got to sit in our kitchen and have our wedding meal just the two of us as husband and wife. We were still dressed up and spent the evening together making cocktails!

After our meal we watched video messages from all of the people who were meant to be at our wedding. It was lovely to watch everyone send their well wishes. We had made limoncello as wedding favours so we sent them to our family and friends with a note asking them to cheers to us. A lot of people sent a picture of them doing their shot and toasting us and we even had a few shots left over for ourselves!

A lot of people say they don’t remember their wedding as there is so much going on but I remember every second of our day. It was so special that we got to spend the whole day together!

Joanne’s Little White Book

Venue- Norwood Hall

Kilt- Georgian dress hire

Dress – Midnight elegance.

Chauffer service- V Chauffeur.

Flowers- Shirley Munro florist.

Catering- Platters Aberdeen

Photographer – Cara Mitchell photography

Humanist - Vanessa Smith.