Our own Scottish Fairytale


Our own Scottish Fairytale

Lauren Stephen née Stephen and Liam Stephen always joked that one day they would elope but nobody thought they would actually do it. Lauren tells all about their last minute, secret wedding in Glencoe...

“Liam and I got engaged Christmas Eve 2010 but wedding plans got held off when we had our daughter Alba and son Munroe. My maiden name was Stephen so I had the same surname as Liam and the kids so we already felt like a married couple!

We were engaged for 10 years before we tied the knot. Getting married was the last piece of the puzzle for us as a family. With being home during lockdown, the timing felt right and we decided to book it!

We didn’t plan on telling anyone- not even our family! Initially, we were just going to go ourselves but we wanted our parents there as witnesses so we invited them at the last minute. There were eight of us in total (us, our two kids and our parents).

We had to tell my sisters when our cover story of a family trip was blown by lockdown! They were really excited and one of them gave me a locket with my grandad’s photo inside to put on my bouquet. I was really close to him and was so happy she thought of getting it for me.

There were little things that we hadn’t thought about such as our wedding cake. I ordered my dream cake- which was made of stacked cheeses but that fell through last minute. There was nothing I could do. My sister contacted Gourmet cheeses in Rosemount who supplied some cheese which my mum used to make a cake. It was better than what I had ordered!

On our wedding morning we facetimed my sisters to show them the dress and so they could be a part of the day- there were lots of happy tears!

The Kingshouse house was stunning and I had always wanted to get married in the highlands. We were wed right in the middle of Glencoe and surrounded by hills. It was pouring with rain but that didn’t bother us. When you go to Glencoe you have to prepare for all four seasons in one day and that’s definitely what we got. The hotel offered to move the wedding inside but we picked Glencoe for the scenery- rain or no rain!

Lauren and Liam wedding card

I’m a big fan of Outlander which inspired our theme- fur shawls, outdoor setting and natural colour scheme. I wanted to keep it quite rustic looking!

Even there were so many rules on what we could and couldn’t do for your wedding, it just felt so relaxing and that’s what I loved about it. We sat by the fire all night and even had a little dance!

We told our close friends and family that evening over video call. My friends didn’t even know I’d gone away- never mind eloped! I think everyone was in shock because it had always been a running joke that we would run away and get married but nobody thought we would actually do it!

The highlight of my day was seeing how much it meant to our kids. There were happy tears and my daughter said she was so happy that we had finally done it.

Everyone asks if we regret eloping but I wouldn’t change a thing. I was worried about telling my family in case it would hurt them but the most important people that day were our kids and honestly I wouldn’t change a thing.

Laurens Little White Book

Venue - Kingshouse Hotel, Glencoe

Registrar – Eric Mackenzie

Bride & Flower Girl Dresses - Elmar Bridal

Alterations - AJ Sewing

Kilts - Gibbs menswear

Flowers, buttonholes & hair pieces - Florence & Flowers

Hair & make up – Bonnys Wonderland

Photos - Neil Thomas Douglas Photography

Piper - Rich Gordon, rgmusicom

Cake – Mum/ Gourmet Cheeses