Love and Lego


Love and Lego

Scott Robertson took Neema Soni totally by surprise when he proposed whilst she was chilling out, watching cartoons...

However, she quickly switched to wedding mode and they pulled together a fun-filled Scottish-Indian fusion wedding for 200 guests on 15 July 2018. Neema told us all about it.

I was always the kid that loved Star Trek and comics (before it was cool) and it seemed that Scott was too – our mutual love for Lego and sci-fi was one of the reasons we clicked. So, we knew immediately that our wedding theme would be ‘full-blown geek’.

Our first priority was buying lots of Lego to use to as centrepieces. We decided to mix our guests up on the table plan so they wouldn’t be sitting with lots of people they knew, and thought offering Lego to play with would break the ice. It worked – people got competitive at times and we ended up with some pretty impressive creations!

Anyway, the theme continued from there – our invitations were based on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the tables were named after vehicles of science fiction.

When it came to dress shopping, it wasn’t really my thing… but I had to do it twice – once in Scotland for my Western dress and once in India for my traditional outfit. In Scotland, I knew what I wanted and picked my white dress for its simplicity. In India, it took me six hours to convince them I didn’t want the traditional gold! Instead, I went for a red and silver number, which my grandmother had a soft spot for.

My accessories were mix and match – jewellery that’s been in my family for a long time, paired with geek chic Converse trainers. We had a henna party the day before the wedding to get the female guests appropriately accessorised, too!

I followed Indian tradition and didn’t have any bridesmaids – but I did have a say in what our guests wore. I wanted to reflect the fusion of cultures (my family know Scott as Scottish Scott from Scotland!) so asked all the guests to come in Indian dress for the ceremony. I supplied outfits for my Western friends and Scott’s family went all out, with saris for the ladies and traditional outfits for the gents. Then, in the evening, we asked everyone to wear Western clothes. So, the ladies came in nice dresses and the men in kilts. It was so nice to see everyone get so involved.

Scott followed suit with an Indian outfit during the day and a lovely kilt later on. And, of course, I did too – having two bridal preps was exhausting but so worth it.

Our main ceremony was Indian, conducted by a priest, but we had a Scottish registrar there, too. They explained what they were doing to make sure the guests were involved and understood both sides.

When we were pronounced husband and wife, it was with a double-barrelled surname. I didn’t want to lose my heritage when I got married so had joked to Scott about taking my name… and he agreed! I didn’t want him to lose his identity either though, so we honoured both cultures by double-barrelling.

Afterwards we had a lunch – it was supposed to be just snacks but my parents did what all Indians do and ensured everyone was well fed – and, later, an Asian food tasting for dinner. There were so many dishes that I can’t remember them all!

We started the evening by bumbling along (even though we’d had dance lessons beforehand!) to Always with Me by Joe Satriani. We then had a bit of ceilidh and a DJ, who took our requests and filled the dance floor. There was also a magician and lots of sweet treats – popcorn, a slushie machine and a totally indulgent chocolate fountain!

For me, a geek at heart, the highlight had to be seeing all the guests – young and old, and from different backgrounds – playing with the Lego on their tables!

Overall, though, our suppliers were all brilliant and did their best for us. I’d say to other readers not to panic and, above all, ignore expectation – do what makes you happy.

Venue: Norwood Hall Hotel

Caterers: Asian Wedding Services

Wedding dress: Perfect Bridal Rooms

Hair: House of Hair

Make-up: Francine Ray

Mother-of-the-bride outfit: Perfect Bridal Rooms

Photographer: By Rhea

Video: Flat 4D Media

Invitations: You Are Invited

Table plan: Designs by Kirsten

Favours: Iceberg Glass

Cake: CakesbyDesign

Decor: Asian Wedding Services

Piper: Thistle Piping

Ceilidh: Ted Christopher and Bannockburn

DJ: Elite Promotions

Other entertainment: Phoenix Magic Aberdeen, SillySnapz

Dance lessons: All Steps First Dance